Persian Gulf: the war after the armistice, pt.2

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London March 2018: Demonstration against the sale of British arms to Saudi Arabia and the Emirates[1]

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For years, the Persian Gulf has been the scene of a heated clash between Iran and its neighbors. A question that has become more complex and dangerous over the years as Russians and Americans want to have a say in the balance (and the distribution of oil). After the outbreak of the civil war in Syria, the fronts became even more complicated – there are now two other indigestible clients: Turkey and Israel. Not only that: behind the curtains of the discreet rooms of international diplomacy, this war is being fought with the arms of a Franco-Egyptian lobby and propaganda group based in Paris and those of the most important leaders for the last 20 years of the Swiss and German secret services.

The “mobile screens” strategy

The historic building at Schwanenplatz 4, at the entrance to the historic center of Lucerne, headquarters of Pluteos AG

Everyone hoped that the peace of January 5 would be the reason why Riyadh and Abu Dhabi no longer believe in supporting a structure which has given no results other than the book by Chesnot and Malbrunot. The reality is however a little different: the armistice is signed, the war continues, but on a more professional level. The UAE government signs a contract to coordinate all international propaganda activities with Pluteos AG in Lucerne[2] – and this opens up a number of new and unexpected scenarios.

Pluteos (Latin for “protective grid”[3]) was founded on January 19, 2018 with a capital of 100,000 francs by seven partners: Hans-Georg Maassen[4], Sergej Rubinstein[5], Wolfgang Maute, August Hanning, Thorsten Mehles, Hans Wegmüller and Samuel Danilowitsch[6]. The latter was the key figure to win the contract: he has been a friend of Mohammed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan for years, with whom he founded and financed Aquila Aerospace Llc Abu Dhabi[7] – the spearhead of the new concept of global militarism in the Arab Emirates[8].

Counting on a multinational mercenary personnel, Aquila Aerospace has a fleet of drones and spy planes, fighter-bombers for the Gulf patrol and hackers specializing in penetration operations in foreign military commandos – all of them delicate and politically questionable tasks. Thanks to the idea of ​​Danilovich and the chairman of the board of Aquila Aerospace, Homaid Al-Shimmari, the responsibility for this approach appears to lie with a private company, not a state[9]. In any case, Lt. Col. Al-Shimmari[10] is no stranger, but the vice-chairman of the board of directors of the Mubadala group[11], a multinational company personally run by Mohammed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan[12], with a turnover of 232 billion dollars (civil, military and real estate industry[13]) which also controls the military giant EDGE Group[14].

Prior to landing in Abu Dhabi, Danilowitsch had worked in London as a financial advisor to a number of Soviet oligarchs, including Patokh Chodiev, Alexander Machkevich[15], and Alijan Ibragimov (the founders of the controversial oil group ENRC[16]), as well as Elman Huseynov and Yuri Chliaifchtein. (Telora / Aerocorp Group, bankruptcy in 2017[17]). The decisive step, however, was to found The Club of Three[18] with George Weidenfeld: Baron Weidenfeld was a very famous (and extremely influential) Viennese Jew who fled Nazi Germany in 1938 and became an officer of intelligence, journalist then international success in London, and again the editor and political adviser to the Israeli Prime Minister Chaim Weizmann[19].

The Club of Three is an association which brings together several times a year some of the politicians, soldiers, financiers and industrialists[20] of the three countries that Weidenfeld claimed must keep control of the democratic development of the world: the United Kingdom, France and the United Kingdom. ‘Germany[21]. When it was founded, Pluteos had only one client: the Club of Three, for which Pluteos selects all staff, teachers and special guests[22].

A migrant camp in Libya following an F16 attack by the United Arab Emirates Air Force which, using technology from Aquila Aerospace and the Egyptian intelligence services, identified strategic targets among the 50 victims of the attack[23]

Wolfgang Maute is a Swiss fiduciary trustee, expert in taxation and management of offshore[24] company networks, who served as a judge until 2018 and was elected to the ranks of the Liberal Party (FDP) in the canton of Thurgau[25]. Sergej Rubinstein is a Russian millionaire living in Berlin. There he has been a successful real estate developer for years and a point of reference for wealthy Russians who want to leave their homeland[26] – above all billionaire Valentin Bukhtoyarov, owner of coal mines, oil producer concessionaire, sponsor of Formula 1 and passionate about racehorses[27], for which Rubinstein manages the Londoners companies and the offshore[28] entities. This allows us to understand who the potential financiers are and what their interests are in having a small business in Switzerland with large international relations as a partner.

The other shareholders are worrying – to say the least. August Hanning was from 1998 to 2005 at the head of the BND[29] (the foreign German secret services which organized themselves after the war by taking over the structure of the formidable organization Gehlen, the flagship of Nazi espionage[30]); Hans-Georg Maaßen was the head of the BVS from 2012 to 2018 (the secret service of the Ministry of the Interior, set up in 1950 by the American occupation forces to prevent Communist infiltration into West Germany[31] ); Thorsten Mehles is a senior LKA (criminal police) officer who worked as an assistant[32] during Hanning’s years as head of the BND. As for General Hans Wegmüller[33], he was head of the Swiss secret service (SND)[34] from 2001 to 2008.

These gentlemen have been involved in numerous scandals during the years in which they ran the intelligence services of their country, which, thanks to the tendency to hide under the carpet, the most nasty secrets connected with the activity of their spies , were overcome by the respective governments. The point is that an organization led by people of this caliber clearly has cruel power, knowledge, influence and connections to offer that scares those who want to worry about defending democracy in Switzerland and Germany. We are only listing a few of their scandals in order to convey to the reader the true dimension of the people we are writing about.

Juretzko Affair – In 2004 and 2006, former spy Norbert Juretzko published two books on the disasters the BND had committed in the years it was under Hanning. We are talking about mail which was sent between residents of the GDR and the FRG before the fall of the Berlin Wall and which was intercepted, copied and not delivered; the fact that Stay Behind (the secret paramilitary organization founded by the United States in all Western countries) had been rendered unusable because the BND had disclosed all documents with STASI, but had not admitted it to avoid the scandal and with it all members of the organization at risk; The BND continued to use exposed people and destroyed apartments, and allowed the CIA and NSA to use their spies and then either expose or eliminate them. Hanning’s predecessor, Volker Foertsch, was allegedly responsible for all of these shortcomings, but Hanning protected him. Hanning brought Juretzko to court and lost all cases[35];

NPD case – In January 2001, at the request of Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and Bavarian Minister of the Interior Günther Beckstein, the courts opened a criminal investigation into the activities of the neo-Nazi NPD party in order to prohibit its illegal activities. After a few weeks of investigation, prosecutors in Munich and Berlin found that an extremely large proportion of NPD executives were either BvS agents or BND agents or apparently undercover police officers. The investigation was abandoned in shame[36];

Al-Masri Case – In 2003, the CIA, in cooperation with the BND and BVS, abducted German citizen Khaled Al-Masri and tortured him for months in detention in Afghanistan. The CIA claimed he was an Al Qaeda spy. A year and a half after the CIA realized it was a mistake, they released him to a forest on the border with Albania, where the Bavarian family could save him. In the following years, the family fought for the punishment of the German kidnappers, torturers and their accomplices as well as reimbursement of costs and compensation for the pain and suffering of Germany. In vain when Hanning and his team defended the legitimacy of this kidnapping to the end[37];

After his release and treatment in hospital, Khaled Al-Masri goes to the Munich prosecutor’s office to report on his kidnapping and torture[38]

Manipulation of the press – Between 1993 and 2009, the secret services, under the command of several BND officials, spied on, followed, intercepted, paid journalists to obtain the denunciation of their colleagues, manipulated with false information and intimidated a large many of them – a situation of total delegitimization of press freedom and the creation of an intolerable climate of mistrust, because some journalists, because of their personal envy and jealousy or their simple antipathy, have denounced certain colleagues as communists or accomplices of terrorists. In the end, the scandal was hidden, some journalists lost their jobs, nothing happened in the structures of the BND, the wounded received neither apologies nor reimbursements[39];

Secretly participating in the Iraq War – At a time when the US Presidency announced the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (a statement that was later ruled false), some BND agents and German military officers were in secret mission to Baghdad. According to the international agreements of 1990, it is totally forbidden for Germany to use the army outside its borders without a public decision by the Bundestag – which has not been done[40]. According to official information from the US military, not only did they participate in the invasion of Iraq as advisers and informants, but they also initiated the case on the basis of which the US federal government allegedly ordered the invasion. The federal government has always denied everything and parliamentary commissions of inquiry have never achieved results[41];

Gössner case – In 2012, after a series of incidents, lawyer Rolf Gössner discovered that he had been pursued and intercepted by the BVS. Despite the denial of Maaßen, the newly elected head of the BVS, police investigations have shown that lawyer Gössner has been the subject of BVS attention for 38 years without any news or at least a suspicion of a crime! The persecution was due to the fact that Gössner had started his career as activists in the environmental movement or as a lawyer for people in difficult economic conditions who otherwise would not have been able to provide legal assistance. A trial held in Cologne proved that Gössner was right and BVS was wrong[42];

Past SND scandals – The Swiss secret service is not immune to disasters, illegal operations and stupidity, especially in the years when Hans Wegmüller was head of the organization. The best known case is that of the Clement Guitton investigation, which found that the SND, due to budget and personnel restrictions (only 300 administrative and military employees), used information from other secret services illegally present. in Switzerland, which acted without control or authorization[43]. Nevertheless, in the 20th century, the SND opened 900,000 files on Swiss citizens or foreign residents (one in 20 Swiss, one in three foreigners) for no apparent reason and without authorization, which prevented these people from accessing a job[44]. in public administration or bank loans. Moreover, an assessment of SND’s activities revealed an embarrassing number of mission reimbursement missions[45];

Hans Wegmüller and the Lauber affaire – After leaving the SND, Wegmüller began working with Attorney General Mike Lauber in a series of investigations which were carried out absolutely irregularly and the discovery of which led to his forced resignation and the opening of proceedings against Lauber and his assistant René Brülhart[46], with whom Lauber had worked at the end of the 20th century on the creation of the Liechtenstein Financial Intelligence Unit (SFIU)[47]. The two are charged with embezzlement, espionage and violating criminal investigation laws, so Swiss justice[48] froze a huge financial asset in the bank accounts of Brülhart – and Wegmüller, who received the generous money for his support, is suspected of having been his accomplice[49];

April 1990: Demonstration in Bern against the creation of 900,000 personal files by the Swiss secret services[50]

System 360 case – Since 2010 (so we are talking about a time when Wegmüller, Maaßen and Mehles were still part of the leaders of the secret services), the partners of Pluteos had already founded a company specializing in cybersecurity and intelligence called System 360 Deutschland GmbH Berlin[51] which refuses to submit the documents required by the transparency law and of which only 50% of its shares are known to belong to Pluteos AG Lucerne through System 360 Holding GmbH Berlin[52]. Since Maaßen has encountered problems on several occasions over the past decade due to occasional and personal use of his office and agents, System 360 is now believed to be a spy company on commission and abroad since its inception – completely out of any control or legal restrictions[53] – and therefore Pluteos is just a front that was established by System 360 eight years after opening a branch in Lucerne[54], so that the business proper is that which is run in Berlin[55];

Affaire Prevent AG – Mahles, Hanning and Maaßen were all involved in the 2010 Prevent AG scandal in Munich[56]. This private investigative and cybersecurity firm had been hired by HSH Nordbank, but at the end of the investigation it was suspected that the evidence presented to the judges had been tampered with and that Prevent executives had blackmailed some of the suspects; part of the money paid to the Munich company had been stolen from the cash register[57]. A few weeks after the announcement of the judges and a police search[58], Prevent AG declared bankruptcy. The criminal consequences of this case are not yet over[59] – but some Prevent employees are now working in the Berlin offices of System 360[60].

What now?

The agreement signed between the GCC countries puts an end to diplomatic hostilities, as claimed by the United Nations and the three great powers, but it not only does not resolve the dispute, but it does not address it. It is impossible to resolve the intertwining of interests and fears that caused this situation: Qatar is the only country in the Persian Gulf to have prepared for the post-oil era, which disrupts backward monarchies and curators from Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.

Moreover, everyone in this region is afraid of Turkey and Iran (especially from a military point of view) and that the question of Israel’s survival fits into this picture – which in Jerusalem , after the iron agreement with Egypt, there is paranoia against them The Palestinians, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood are linked. And we did not discuss the issue of jihadism and the unstable balance between Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

The entire area is a powder keg and Western military industry, as usual, is taking advantage of this situation to increase its profits and gain hypothetical and impossible control over the development of the conflict. As we discuss the nuclear weapons that could be developed by the Iranians, we Westerners are providing the other actors in this theater with massive weapons against which we even have no means of defending ourselves: cyber warfare does not need tanks, marines, and fighter-bombers, just tech hacking and armed drones, and in this industry the Emirates are now ahead of everyone else on the planet.

We are arming the madmen and regimes who, after decades of boasting of exporting democracy to their homes, are preparing to import a terrible dictatorship into our homes – thanks to our unbelieving military and spy directors, our Industries, with the credulity or corruption of our politicians.


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