Democracy Centre For Transparency (DCT)

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Democracy Centre For Transparency (DCT)

Democracy Centre For Transparency is Brussels based international think tank working on monitoring democracy across world with special focus on Europe. We are a non-profit organisation and may be based which relies on funding from other organisations and individuals who believe in our work and who share of our values of transparent and integrity-driven governments. Some of our research projects rely on the unconditional support of advocacy groups, the voluntary sector, government & businesses.

DCT conduct research into wide range of issues, oriented topics as well as broader business, political and economic to measure their effects on Democracies. Our work also tend to touch on aspects of social policy, political strategy and reform and the way the affect democracy. We also focus on political transparency and the integrity of democratic systems across the world.

Our Vision

To promote the political integrity and transparency of modern day democracies in Europe and across the world.

Mission Statement:

Our mission statement is a clear expression of the principles that underlie all our projects and actions. DCT Activities are based on the exchange and transfer of knowledge between the different institutions and sectors engaged in related field. Our work seeks to promote the empowerment of people as pillars of democracies.
Our research care more for individuals than corporations of governments. We seek to promote the concept of citizen participation in the fields politics, economics and culture.

Our Interest:

Our research activities primarily focus on geopolitical dimensions to examine political integrity, democracy, transparency and lobbyists such as:

• European Democracies
• Local & Foreign Lobbyists
• Central Africa
• Central Asia
• Middle East & North Africa
• US-Europe Relations

DCT Research Team

DCT Research Team

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