The support of Arab world for Palestine to win the war of liberation

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The support of Arab world for Palestine to win the war of liberation

The conflict between Israel and Gaza has turned into a fight for Palestine freedom. Global politics is severely impacted due to the severity of war and breaking international law. However with the support of Arab, Plastine can be a winner and win its freedom. This liberation leads to peace and security in the Middle East through a two-state solution.

When the United States came to know about the two-state solution, it has been blocking it in practice. The US is the only country that used its veto power in order to oppose the decision of the United Nations. Additionally Israel truly relies on the US, that it prevents the establishment of free Palestine. Nevertheless, this obstacle can still be overcome.

The whole Arab nation is with Palestine and finding ways in order to oppose the US. After the mid-May meeting of the Arab League meeting in Bahrain, they are  encouraged for a worldwide conference to  strongly show favoritism on a two-state solution. 

Furthermore, in order to discuss Palestine issues, the Bahrain Declaration calls for an international conference. The aim of this conference is to establish an independent Palestine where Palestinians can live peacefully without any restriction of Israel. Also the agenda of the meeting is to end the Israeli occupation of all occupied Arab territories. All of this effort is based upon the international resolution for the sake of peace. 

For more than two decades, Arab countries have increasingly supported the two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. The major step forward came in 2002 with the Arab Peace Initiative, though Israel rejected this offer and the US consistently supported Israel’s stance. Following the Gaza War’s outbreak in October, Arab and Islamic leaders reaffirmed the peace proposal at a meeting in Riyadh in November.

For more than two decades Arab countries have wanted peace for Palestine and have supported the two-state solution for Palestine and Israel. In 2002 the most crucial step came forward with the Arab Peace Initiatives. At the same time Israel strongly opposed this offer and the US stood with Israel’s stance. Following the Gaza War’s outbreak in October, Arab and Islamic leaders reaffirmed the peace proposal at a meeting in Riyadh in November.

After this the Arab leader’s efforts for the establishment of a separate state for Plastine have gained momentum. On March 25, the United Nation Security Council called for an immediate ceasefire. Israel ignored it. On April 18, finally the UN Security Council supported the decision of Palestine membership in the UN. This decision is strongly opposed by the US and  UK and Switzerland abstaining. 

On May 10, the UN General Assembly strongly supported Palestine’s bid for UN membership with a 143-9 vote. Many countries support this decision such as Norway, Spain, and Ireland clearly declared on May 22, to recognize a Palestinian state. At the same time the Irish Prime Minister also said that  more countries would follow.

Due to diplomatic efforts and international law pressure the United State is becoming isolated. Furthermore, Israel got notification from the International Court of Justice to stop operations in Rafah. This is due to that Israel may be violating the 1948 Genocide Convention. Arrest Warrants are issued against the Israeli leaders and 3 Hamas leaders. The US may need to adjust its stance to avoid isolation, which threatens its security and national interests. It is important for the US to maintain its relationship with the Arab world. 

In order to stop the two-state solution Israel started lobbying in the US. In America’s corrupt political system, many political campaigns got the offer of money from Israel for the prevention of a two-state solution.  However, lobbying has its limits. American public opinion is increasingly critical of Israel’s oppressive policies and violence in Gaza.

Mainstream US media are now informing the public that, even before last October, Israel’s justice system was used to oppress and displace Palestinians and carry out systematic violence. Social media highlights the daily destruction in Gaza, with Israeli soldiers sometimes boasting as they demolish universities, hospitals, or apartment buildings.

The last gambit from the US in order to break Arab unity over Palestine by different offers. It includes advanced fighter planes, and a defense pact in exchange for normalizing relations with Israel. But this strategic effort of the US is likely to fail. Arab countries are still united in favor of Palestinian rights and peace in the region. If the Arab world sticks to its decision, then independent Palestine could soon be established. 

Research Staff

Research Staff

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